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The company AFFILET was founded in the early sixties by Danilo Tasca. The activity is the sharpening of tools; the subsequent evolution is the specialization in trade of tools for the mechanical sector. In 1976 the company Affilet Danilo Tasca is transformed into NEW AFFILET SRL.

is a leading name in the overview of specialized tooling.

Our company is a partner able to offer customers, in addition to a range of high quality products, support and a more and more specialized. Our sales engineers are able to support the customer in all its needs, proposing solutions that can help solve the problems of processing.

Nuova Affilet srl

Via Tevere, 22
20831 Seregno (MB)

Tel.: +39 0362 22 28 31
Fax.: +39 0362 22 36 25
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